Happy Easter of Resurrection!

buona pasqua di resurrezione stanza senza il corpo e una colomba con raggio di sole
Happy Easter of Resurrection!
Cartolina di Buon Natale

Dearly beloved,
Happy Easter of Resurrection!

As we celebrated Easter here at the Gonzaga Campus, I remember you fondly in prayer and send you dear greetings. My wish is that the consolation of the risen Lord will reach you and your loved ones and accompany you on your journeys.

This year’s Easter greetings, which you will find attached, are wishes for Peace!
Along with the best wishes I also attach the communiqué released by the Society of Jesus on Good Friday, March 29, on the situation in Gaza.
We Jesuits, like so many other Catholics, Christians, men and women of all faiths and non-believers, refuse to be silent. Our voices continue to rise in prayer, in lament, in protest of the death and destruction that continue to reign in Gaza and other territories of Israel/Palestine, spilling over into the surrounding countries of the Middle East.

Peace is the urgency of the Risen One.
May peace be our common priority.

Greetings again Happy Easter also on behalf of my Jesuit confreres and the entire Gonzaga Campus Governing Board.

Fr. Vitangelo Denora SJ