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Educational Spaces



One hundred years after its foundation, The Gonzaga Campus, faithful to the educational project of the Society of Jesus, it is renewed in the environments and teaching, as proof of the vital and creative strenght of the entire educating community.

The intense work of redevelopment, refocusing and reorganization of spaces has aimed to ensure that the new Gonzaga remains place where you can meet and socialize people, a school of life, in compliance with the distance imposed by Covid-19.

The aim is to improve the well-being and safety for the students and for all those who live the campus, respecting the environment and promoting the harmonious development of the person in all its aspects and education in all its forms.  

The park and the outdoor spaces, the buildings, the classrooms, the new canteen, the library with the Old Collection, the agora, the common areas have been reorganized to accomodate, since September, children and young people in total safety and in compliance with all applicable rules.

Each space has been redesigned with a precise didactic function, a pedagogical purpose, in the name of functionality and of comfort in study and in social life.  

From September we will also organize outdoor classrooms for a school that earns a new relationship with nature, enhancing the ecological dimension and opening to the outside, to the city.

Outdoor spaces

All those who live on campus enjoy flexible spaces that configure the mobility of both the individual and the small and large group lifestyle, according to the activities of the day: classrooms, the gym, the library, the chapel, the workshops, the playground, the didactic vegetable garden.

Indoor spaces

The rooms reserved for children and young people have been recently renovated, according to the modern standards of school building, and appropriate, in accordance with the standards set by the post-covid school.

The Library

The Gonzaga Campus Library has been formed in over 100 years of history. It is not a specialized library, the material that is kept there is of various topics and has followed the paths of work and study of students and Jesuits that were formed in Palermo and made the history of the Gonzaga Institute.

Canteen and Bar

The school canteen was designed to allow students to benefit from a second “long break” (of 50 minutes) during the school day, suitable for resting, sharing a meal and socializing with each other and their teachers. There is also the possibility of differentiating menus based on the specific needs of everyone (food allergies, diabetes, etc.).  

Inside the campus there are also two bars to allow kids to have their break with fresh and nutritious foods.