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Indoor spaces

The rooms reserved for children and young people have been recently renovated, according to the modern standards of school building, and appropriate, in accordance with the standards set by the post-covid school. The spacious and bright classrooms have furniture and material that allow you to exploit the potential and talents of each child and young person, who is left to “do” and “know how to do”, behind the teachers’ direction-guidance, that support them in their experiences of exploration and observation of reality around them. All the classes are equipped with LIM and are highly innovative in furnishing to provide very flexible learning environments. Each of these classrooms is equipped with a long whiteboard painted on the wall with a special paint that allows the writing with chalk, of an Apple TV linked to a projector, and modular tables or banquets, differently modular for more or less “cooperative” furniture.

New classes

50 for the interactive and digital teaching.


Scientific, informatic, musical, artistic, design, for experimental and active education.

Gym and sports facilities

For different ages and disciplines, opened also after the school hours, in the afternoon and also on Saturday.

Large and small canteen

For food education and for socializing at the table with classmates or teachers.


For education in reading, research in silence, reflection alone or with others.


For meetings, seminars, screenings, performances, concerts and for the education of expressive and creative talents.


For spiritual animations, care for interiority and personal and community prayer.

Personal locker

A space just for the student.

Study rooms

To study, alone or with others, at every hour.

Music hall

A place where you can play with your band and play music together with the teachers.

Student lounge

An informal space, only for students, where to meet, discuss and be together.