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Openness to the World

So great that it cannot be contained by the whole world, so small that it cannot be enclosed in a dot.
-St. Ignazio di Loyola

The Gonzaga Campus is an educational reality of the Foundation Gesuiti Educazione in the Euro-Mediterranean Province, therefore was created as a school inserted in an international context. 

Internationality doesn’t just mean learning languages, but also having a mind and heart open to the whole world, being able to be citizen of the world, being compassionate towards the situations of injustice, wherever they may be.

We educate to internationality not only by teaching one or more foreign languages, but also by putting the students and the different members of the educational community in international contexts, both here and abroad. Contexts of the so-called “first world countries”, but also of the “third world countries”. Our educational method is to develop a sense of community in the lifestyles and events of people from all around the world. We want to acknowledge different life contexts from a personal experience, by evaluating situations of well-being or poverty and learning how to turn a thought into something that is concrete and effective for the good of our brothers and sisters.

The aim of the global citizenship as a key point in the curriculum, is to educate the young ones to open their minds and hearts to a global dimension and to the values of internationality in terms of respect, sharing, diversity and solidarity to build a better world.

From 3 to 18 years old, with a special focus on the continuity between one complex and another, there is an educational line aimed at providing a high level of preparation and that is constantly “connected” with the surrounding reality, through a series of fundamental tools such as:

  • the special Gonzaga International School educational path, unique in the South of Italy, focused on internationality and global citizenship; 
  • the projects of international exchange with students of our schools both Italian and European (from the middle school we bring together the Jesuits’ schools students of Italy, Poland, and other European countries), and other Jesuits’ schools in the world (Australia, USA…). Among the different opportunities there is also the possibility of attending the fourth year of High School at the Jesuits’ English College in Stonyhurst, thanks to an exchange program; 
  • experiences in international ecclesial contexts (international conferences of youth movements of Ignatian spirituality such as MEG or CVX/LMS); 
  • sports competitions with schools all over Europe. 
  • international conferences with European schools and other opportunities to discover a world wider than our city or our country; 
  • summer mission fields, now also proposed as work-school activities, in Romania, Peru, Kenya etc. to integrate the dimension of service and justice into the curriculum and to know and share life with people in situations of social marginality; 
  • travels (including the senior trip together with the other schools of the network). 
  • English, in all the complexes. Specifically: Bilingualism together with Italian teacher and native English speaker at the Kindergarten; strengthening of English with subjects taught in English (CLIL in sciences, geography, arts and history) at the Primary School; trilingualism at the Middle School (English, French and Spanish). 
  • courses for a second language (Spanish and Chinese), with particular focus also on the culture and history of the population that speaks the aforementioned languages. 
  • linguistic certifications: from 6 to 18 years old, curricular English courses to prepare the students for Cambridge certifications (Flyers, Movers, Pet, Ket, First Certificate, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT). DELE and DELF certifications for Spanish and French.