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The Welcoming Community

The educational community composed by Jesuits and lay people, in collaboration with the  families, aims to actualize the experience and the teaching of the Ignatian pedagocical tradition  to use it for the education of the young people.

The campus educational project is originated by a networking made in collaboration with the  other Ignatians schools of Jesuits, spread in the the Euro-Mediterranean province (Italy, Malta,  Albania and Romania) and all around the world. This educational method seeks the human, academic, social and spiritual excellence in the student: creating women and men with an heart  which is opened to the world.


Spiritual animation

The spiritual animation is intended as “set of educational opportunities” which enrich the  scholastic journey. The religious and spiritual dimension is an integral part of a person’s  background, not only for the growth in faith, but also for the consequential inclusion in the  Christian community and for the commitment of solidarity and service towards whoever is in  need.


The celebrations and sacraments are a valuable opportunity to feel and enjoy the Lord’s presence  in the community…


A significant aspect in the spiritual campus’ proposals consists of the participation in the so-called  groups and movements of the Ignatian spirituality. They are connected to the Society of Jesus with  which they share the spirituality and the mission, indeed, three lay “movements” composed by  young people and children are active.

Social commitment

Educating our kids and lead them to a human and spiritual excellence in addition to the academic  one, it doesn’t only mean to instruct them, but also to educate them as men and women who are  generously open towards the others and towards the social context in which they live. The campus  offers some concrete opportunities to live the beauty of the service and the good relationships  with who they meet.