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It is not great knowledge that fulfils and satisfies the soul, but feeling and tasting things inwardly”.

(S. Ignazio di Loyola, Spiritual Exercises, n.2)

Celebrations and sacraments are a precious opportunity to feel and taste the Lord’s presence in the community.  

  • Weekday Eucharist: Monday to Friday at 7.30 am, Saturday at 8.00 am, for those who wish it, a Eucharistic celebration before school. (Chapel Saint Joseph – ISP building – during the pandemic time). 
  • Sunday Mass: every Sunday, at 11.30 am, a Eucharistic celebration that involves the entire Gonzaga Campus community. (Chapel San Giuseppe). During the time of Covid-19 in the school Agora (get informations).  
  • Eucharistic celebrations in special moments of school life: beginning and end of the school year, in preparation for Christmas, St. Christmas, the Holy Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Easter Triduum, other solemnities of the Lord, The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints, etc…