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Spiritual animation

“What characterizes an Ignatian school is not only an innovative and inclusive didactic project, but also a person’s comprehensive education which takes care to develop all the students’ talents and abilities and that considers the spiritual and religious aspect as an integral part of the whole journey”.

The spiritual animation is intended as a “set of educational opportunities” which enhance the school path. 

The religious and spiritual dimension is an important part of a person’s education, not only for the growth in faith, but also for the consequential integration in the Christian community and for the commitment of solidarity and service towards whoever is in need.  

The purpose is to assist each student in the discovery of their own inner world, promoting the spiritual growth. This support leads to a development of the fundamental choices of life according to the Spirit and the Gospel’s criteria. In addiction, it aims to support families and teachers in their educational role in accordance with a christian perspective.  

The pastoral expreriences interweave and complement each other with the disciplinary and didactic ones, and they are developed according to the criteria of continuity and graduality from 3 to 8 years old. The pastoral activity is programmed and coordinated by an équipe composed by jesuits and lay people.  

The proposals are differentiated by age and everyone can freely choose to participate in the activities that most meet their personal sensitivity and help their human and spiritual growth. 

Some proposals are also opened to the families, parents, ex-alumni, who thus prove to be a “lively and active” part of the Campus.

Qualifying points:

Some activities form the foundation of the pastoral activity of the entire campus:

Director: Padre Pierluigi De Lucia S.J.